This article describes fake mails from spammers that use bogus mail ids of a company that provides cryptocurrency-based services. Read on Wewe Global Scam.

Are you receiving phishing emails frequently in these recent days? If yes, read this article to know all the relevant details about spammers sending fraud emails using the name of a prominent company.

Email users from the United KingdomUnited States, and Australia are irritated by the unnecessary emails constantly appear even after reporting and blocking the sender. The email senders keep sending various emails to force users to open the mail. Keep reading to learn more about the Wewe Global Scam.

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    Is WeWe Global aka LyoPay actually responsible?

    This is a tough question, but with our research, we can mention that Wewe Global is defamed by scammers. Scammers have broken into their account and are using their well-known name to trick people. Check the Wewe global’s responsibility here.

    About WEWE Global and LyoPay

    WEWE Global is a digital platform that provides various services to its clients and customers associated with the cryptocurrency market. The company claims to have one lakh forty thousand members in around eighty countries.

    The website provides various rewards and commissions for the users who invite people to the website to take the services provided by the company. The user needs to create an account on WEWE Global website to be a part of the referral community members. The company also claims that they support helping people be digital entrepreneurs.

    WeWe Global Scam, aka LyoPay

    • People started receiving numerous spam emails from spammers misusing the WEWE Global company titles that suggest referral rewards, commissions, and various earning potential based on cryptocurrency-related investments.
    • The email receivers got fed up with the frequent arrival of the fake emails that kept receiving even after reporting and blocking.
    • There are also reports that the spammers get through many security levels to reach the users.
    • All the spam emails had the name of the company WEWE Global in the description, but the original company has no connection with these emails.

    Truth About the LyoPay Scam

    • The objective of the Wewe Global Scam is to create trust among the mail recipients, and for that they started sending emails with email ids starting with weweglobal.
    • The users who reported and blocked a mail id tend to receive more emails under different mail ids with weweglobal mail names.
    • The spammers altered the reward policy of actual WEWE Global to confuse the email recivers.
    • Some users also reported the bombardment of emails approximately to fifty.  
    • Wewe company has claimed that they have no connection with this scam and this all happens with hacking their accounts by scammers.

    People’s Reviews

    • People are fed up and frustrated by the frequent Wewe Global Scam emails, and the emails keep coming even after reporting and adding the mail as spam.
    • Most users received above twenty emails a day. Some people even received forty emails.
    • Most people’s reviews are highly disappointing, and people complain against the continuous emails from spammers.
    • Trustpilot reviews are flooded with negative reviews on spam emails from the spammers misusing the name of WEWE Global.


    As cryptocurrency is trending, more spammers utilize this opportunity to do phishing-related activities by sending random emails faking the name of an established company.

    Have you received any spam emails from the WeWe Global Scam? If yes, please share your insights below.