On the web, you can find dozens and dozens of offers regarding online trading every day . Investing from home is an activity that interests many people, and others choose to take advantage of the demand, to grow the offer, which is not always valid.

Among the topics of the moment in the trading field, there is one that has attracted our attention, and it is the following: is WEWE Global a scam? We have collected various information for you, including opinions and reviews , with the aim of answering the question in a clear and realistic way. We are also going to explain to you if there is a better alternative than WEWE Global for trading and, in particular, for investing in cryptocurrencies . 

WEWE Global (LyoPay): what it is and how it works

Let’s start by explaining what WEWE Global is and how its platform works. First, WEWE Global is NOT an online trading broker . Instead, it is a cryptographic network that offers exchange services and payments using cryptocurrencies. The basic intention of the founders would be to imitate crypto ecosystems such as Coinbase and Binance , but we are far from such levels. Being a DAO, or a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, as is typical of crypto projects, the network is managed directly by its community and the native token is WEWE.

Is WEWE Global (LyoPay) reliable?

What should interest you most is whether WEWE Global is reliable or not . As you surely know, for everything related to online financial services in Italy, it is necessary for suppliers to follow precise rules established by specific EU legislation. The main body that deals with tracking down and blocking any scams is CONSOB ( National Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange ) which at the moment has not yet expressed itself on WEWE Global. But here, a precision must be made: the supervisory body begins to move after a series of reports.

Looking for information, several complaints to WEWE Global have already been initiated and some users believe that it is a project that replaces Liracoin , a similar network which was later blocked.

Assuming that it is not up to us to classify a trading platform as a scam or not, the advice we want to give you is to entrust your investments only and exclusively to regulated trading platforms , such as LiquidityX . However, we want to tell you some opinions on WEWE Global that we have collected from a group of people who have confirmed to us that they have used their services. You can find them in the next paragraph.

WEWE Global (LyoPay): opinions and reviews

Here’s what Alberto, a 37-year-old employee from Livorno told us:

My experience with WEWE Global has been 100% bad. I signed up thinking that I can use their services such as the card to do online shopping via crypto, but I never received the access code to this card. On the other hand, after signing up, I started receiving dozens of advertising phone calls and spam emails. They basically do nothing but collect data and sell it to third parties, or maybe it’s still theirs under other names. Absolutely to be avoided.

Giovanni, a 42-year-old computer scientist from Milan, seems to confirm the same thesis:

After registering, you immediately receive an email that takes you back to other platforms and you start receiving phone calls from pseudo account managers who want to convince you to put money here or there. A fraud? I don’t know, but they certainly don’t do what they promise.

It is clear that, especially if you are new to online trading or are looking for an effective way to earn cryptocurrencies , WEWE Global (LyoPay) is NOT the right choice . In our experience, not only as financial communicators, but above all as traders, we have tested various software for investing and we have been able to understand that, currently, the best cryptocurrency trading platform is LiquidityX (www.liquidityx.com) , also ideal to invest in Shares , Forex and other markets, through the CFD trading formula. We’ll explain how it works right away.

LiquidityX: no revolution, only certainties

If we think about how LiquidityX works, we are tempted to say that the system works precisely because it is not based on particular services, but on essential tools! The LiquidityX platform will allow you to access all the resources you need to initiate transactions on the market, in the most complete way possible. Here’s what we talk about:

  • free demo account
  • training academy for beginners and professionals
  • technical analysis charts
  • economic calendar
  • Live Chat, email and telephone support in Italian
  • risk management tools such as stop loss and take profit
  • European regulation
  • CFD trading on the main financial markets.

To start trading from scratch , LiquidityX is the ideal platform from all these points of view. It helps you build your training to become a trader , from A to Z. This does not mean that the gain is certain, but you are guaranteed to use valid tools without the risk of scam. We remind you that trading does not mean earning without doing anything , but learning a real trade: it takes time and you need to accumulate experience. The experience on WEWE Global, regardless of the legality or otherwise of the system, would still not be formative.


Unfortunately it is very easy to be attracted by promises of easy money. However, you have to be realistic: if there was a way to make money easily, wouldn’t everyone use it? Who would go to work anymore?

The reality of the facts is that the financial markets, for several years, have been a source of income accessible to everyone thanks to online trading . Unfortunately, however, due to an extensive disinformation campaign on the web, in some cases wanted by scam sites that want to exploit this trend, inexperienced users can encounter many difficulties in understanding how to take their first steps.