I invest in cryptocurrency and often look for projects that help further the utilization of digital coins. So, when I visited the Lyopay website, I was enthralled to investigate the company’s various offerings. I checked their info, details, and everything on the website. However, I missed verifying customers’ reviews on other platforms.

These people are very clever and have maintained a website that looks legitimate. They share milestones, partners’ names, advisors’ names, and whatnot. However, these are only to ditch people and make them invest in their company. And it was a downhill experience for me.

At first, their app was OK. I felt they were good with security and transparency. However, then came the update the company was excited about. And it all made the good part go away. The app is relatively slow and won’t update the transactions on time. They have made the entire dashboard much more complicated for a beginner. It would now be difficult for people to access their app because of its difficulty-level features.

But more than anything else, the most annoying part about the update is the lack of efficiency in tackling the transactions. It is difficult to access the platform’s operation history or transaction history. It is no more intuitive and very confusing to understand.

The app can no longer handle currency exchange efficiently and often ends up in error. Initially, I thought the company would fix the glitches if reported. So, when my transactions were not updated on the platform, I reached out to the support team. To my despair, they are all bunch of unprofessional and uncaring staff.

It is difficult to get hold of someone from the support who would listen to your problem. Most of them have scripted answers. They would tell you everything is working from their end, and they aren’t responsible for any delays. They often point out fingers at us.

I remember one of the worst conversations where I was talking about Bitcoin not being updated on the platform, and they were asking me to check my internet connection. This is rubbish. They have the worst EURO exchange account management. After a few tries, I asked for a refund when I felt that the platform wouldn’t do me any good.

Because I couldn’t access my updated wallet, I couldn’t withdraw the amount I spent. But they won’t do anything about it. It has been months, and they still have no answer for what happened to those bucks.