A branch of the WeWe Global Ponzi scheme is LyoFI.

The domain name “lyofi.com” for LyoFI’s website was privately registered on July 30, 2021.

In October 2021, WeWe Global disclosed the following business as a collaboration with itself:

The following details can be found in the website’s footer:

BRN: 2073860 Skeleton Bay Lot, Tortola, BVI, DIGIFI GROUP LTD

Scammers only utilise the BVI since it is a scam-friendly jurisdiction to set up shell corporations. Any MLM organisation claiming connections to the BVI raises a red flag throughout the due diligence process.

The BVI shell business WeWe Global claims to be owned by, DigiTech Services LTD, is referred to as “Digifi Group LTD,” a derivation of that name.

At the time of publication, the UAE and Italy are responsible for running WeWe Global’s official Facebook page.

Dubai will always remain WeWe Global’s conduit to the United Arab Emirates.

The world’s MLM crime capital is Dubai. Any MLM business that has connections to Dubai, like the BVI, is certain to be there due of its dubious business strategy.

WeWe Global appears to be actively advertised in Italy right now. At the time of publication, SimilarWeb lists Italy (62%), Greece (12%), and Turkey (8%) as the top three countries from which visitors come to WeWe Global’s website.

Luiz Goes is the only executive who has so far made an appearance at WeWe Global (also spelt Luiz Goez).

According to Luiz, he is the CEO of LyoPay. Founded in 2020, LyoPay is a cryptocurrency exchange.

Luiz presents himself as a citizen of Brazil. His LinkedIn page displays the typical list of unsuccessful cryptobro ideas that dates back to 2019.

Up until very recently, LyoPay was basically nonexistent:

This occurs at the same time as WeWe Global’s hiring will increase in 2022.

The Ponzi scheme started a new 900 day daily returns Ponzi scheme with WeWe Global’s LyoFI offering.

The collaboration between WEWE Global and LYOFi offers its consumers a cutting-edge method for creating tokens called cloud minting.

The typical staking scam is being carried out using the LYOCREDIT token (LYO).

The original Ponzi scheme used by WeWe Global was the same con but using WEWEX tokens.

The WEWEX Ponzi scheme by WeWe Global seems to have lost steam (read: collapsed).

WeWe Global solicits investments into LYO using the bitcoin and ethereum counterparts of the euro.

Ten investment plans, ranging from 100 to 100,000 EUR, are available.

Lyo invested in LyoFI will yield a 300% ROI over 900 days, according to a proposal from WeWe Global.

WeWe Global’s MLM component appears to have remained unaltered from BehindMLM’s initial review, which was released in July 2021.

LyoFI Affiliates convert the LYO that Ponzi withdrawals are paid in to bitcoin.

The Cloud Minting Program is a service to rent hardware to mint LYOCREDIT tokens that is provided in cooperation with LYOFi. LYO can be kept or exchanged for bitcoin.

As a Ponzi scheme, WeWe Global and LyoFI, this will continue till the invested cash run out.

Keep in mind that math ensures that most investors in Ponzi schemes lose money. Naturally, WeWe Global and LyoFI will show how much money you are earning from LYO token daily return payments.

That’s another matter when you try to exchange it for bitcoin. It will function till it stops (no more money to steal).

It seems WeWe Global’s original WEWEX Ponzi crashed somewhere in late 2021, if we take a step back to make sense of this. With new activity via LyoFI, they might be able to keep it afloat.

Before partnering with WeWe Global, LyoPay was a doomed or dying cryptocurrency exchange.

Through LyoPay, Luiz Goes is operating his own Ponzi scheme, promising investors 60% annual returns.

This is possible thanks to the one-button creation of LYO tokens by Goes.

Again, for investors, the challenge is turning LYO into something that can be really sold. Till it stops, it will function.

Looking more closely at the commercial partnership between LyoPay and WeWe Global, it appears to be an adaptation of the white label Ponzi factory service that Goes provides:

Travel reservations were one aspect of LyoPay’s white label Ponzi offering that drew my attention:

WeWe Global’s original Ponzi, “Travel4You,” still exists at “travel4you.io,” and combined travel reservations with it.

However, there is little traffic to the website since people aren’t investing in WeWe Global for travel deals; instead, they are doing so for the Ponzi scheme.

I believe that LyoPay was where WeWe Global’s initial Ponzi scam was set up. We now return to Luiz Goes.

Why does Luiz Goes give in-depth WeWe Global marketing presentations if, as claimed, the company just has a white label arrangement with LyoPay?

Luiz Goes controls the platform that WeWe Global now appears to use as its Ponzi scheme, is based in Dubai, and promotes WeWe Global.

We haven’t seen a single WeWe Global executive in more than a year, which supports Goes running the company.

Additionally, LyoPay is registered as a UK shell company called DigiLYO App LTD. Another red signal is the UK shell company, but what matters in this case is the naming scheme of DigiLYO App LTD.

To date,

  • LyoFI – DigiFi Group LTD;
  • WeWe Global – DigiTech Services LTD;
  • LyoPay – DigiLYO App LTD.

It appears that Goes made a mistake when naming his shell firm “Digi-X.”

In terms of timing The website for WeWe Global was set up seven months before LyoPay. However, the social media pages for both businesses were created in August 2020, making their launches almost concurrent.

I think LyoPay’s standalone exchange was a direct competitor of the internal exchange WeWe Global used when it first began. Through LyoFI, LyoPay has now been effectively integrated.

Goes has already shown that he manages several exchanges using LyoTrade.

I can’t say for sure that Goes is running WeWe Global, but I also can’t say I’m not not. Currently, all evidence points to Goes being responsible for WeWe Global and LyoFI.

Regardless matter who is operating an MLM Ponzi scam, the result is always the same:

The vast majority of investors lose money to well-known promoters and active crooks.

Jose Gordo, who is thought to be located in Spain, has been frantically attempting to launch WeWe Global throughout South America.

In the MLM sector, Gordo is most known for being a top net-winner in the infamous OneCoin Ponzi scheme.

Gordo was charged with criminal fraud in Argentina in late 2020 about OneCoin. He is still wanted for fleeing.